Tumbled Red Jasper, Three (3) Piece Set

This set of 3 tumbled and polished red jasper stones would make a great addition to any collection, altar, layout or decor. Small enough to be used for gaming pieces.


Red Jasper has been used worldwide for millennia for both inspiration and protection.  It is associated with the Base Chakra, the Element of Fire, the Zodiac signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius and the planet Mercury.

This type of jasper is said to give one courage:  to act, to speak out and have personal independence.  It is said to foster vitality, inspire a positive attitude, affirm confidence and self-esteem, and give one the motivation to chase their dreams. 

In the past, red jasper has been used for protection against danger and poisons.  More recently, it has been used to aid the circulatory system, liver, inflammation and fever.  It is considered to be an excellent “worry stone” as it helps soothe extreme emotions and help ground energy, while providing comfort through increasing insight into personal difficulties.


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