Nebula Tie Dye Bucket Hat (Adult, O/S)

Keep the sun at bay with one of our 100% cotton bucket hats.  Fun, fashionable and easy to scrunch to pack!  These are also slightly bigger, to account for hair and larger head sizes.

-hand tied

-hand dyed with procion fibre reactive dyes

-Adult, larger size, one size fits most


Kanoko or “Bound-Resist” Shibori uses string, sinew, thread, or even rubber bands to pinch, bind and shape the fabric.  The fabric can be painstakingly folded, twisted and shaped in many different ways and then bound to create a resisted design.  

Shibori is a process.  This piece has been washed, rinsed and made ready for the dye, the resists applied, dyed in the colour(s) you see here, rinsed, the resists removed and then washed, hung to dry and then ironed. Shibori is a very detailed process;  each piece must be treated with love, dedication and respect and as a result, it becomes a work of art that cannot be duplicated.


The Japanese aesthetic of “wabi-sabi” embraces imperfection and transience through its preference of natural, asymmetrical and simple design. It is a logical companion to shibori, as the natural fibres, manual process, basic yet elegant designs and the unpredictability of the results are integral to the beauty of each work.

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