Quartz Earrings

Glittering marquise cut clear hydro quartz earrings on sterling silver ear wire hooks. These simply dazzle. *** Although comprised of the same materials as natural gems, hydrothermal stones are produced through technology. This way, vivid colours and consistency can be created that are often not found in nature. Created gems remain controversial in many fields, mainly due to issues of deception and overall value. However, their molecular structure and vibration are identical to mined stones. As well, they are devoid of the usual human and natural exploitation that is often a sad reality and cost in the world of precious gems. Ultimately, you can have real cut gemstone jewelry for the fraction of the cost. *** White or clear quartz ( also known as “rock crystal” or crystal quartz) has been found around many of the ancient burial sites in Britain and has an old reputation for being a good healing stone, especially when placed in water. It is said to radiate positive energy and draw off and dissipate negative. As a master healer, it amplifies thoughts and intentions and the effects of other stones as it cleanses the body, the mind and soul. Crystal quartz is said to work with all chakras, especially the Crown Chakra, all Zodiac signs, all Elements and is associated with the Sun.

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