Nuke Him From Space Men's Tank Top

Once upon a time, in a private group on a social network, as a friend outlined their plight with their abusive partner, and how this person needed a "come to Jesus moment", this is how I responded.

And it stuck.

It stuck because it embodied the "nuclear option" that many people face when abused by a partner or caregiver, regardless of the nature of the abuse (physical, mental, emotional, sexual, financial... the list goes on). I realize that there are abusive women and non binary people out there, and I am sorry if that is the situation you face. However, the vast majority of abusers remain male.

This phrase has gotten me banned over and over again, especially on social networks.  But, I stand by it.

Marginalized people face horrific abuse daily on social media. Unfortunately the only policing that is done, is tone... those that clap back get silenced.

Always nuke him from space darling... pick up the phone for legal counsel, pack a bag, pack your kids, pack your shit... gtfo of there. Everyone deserves to be safe and loved.

50% of the profits from this design are headed to the Yes Shelter for Youth and Families in Peterborough Ontario.

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