Named for the Unaka mountains where it was first discovered, Unakite is said to be the ultimate stone for those wishing to “live in the now”, savour the small bright moments, and heal old wounds.  It is associated with the Heart Chakra, the Zodiac Signs of Scorpio, Gemini and Libra, the Planets Mars and Venus and the Elements of Fire and Water.

Known for its gentle grounding and balancing energy, unakite is said to help clear negative emotions such as cynicism, confusion and resentment, and assist in removing related old, bad habits.  It is said to be particularly helpful in releasing past pain and calming inner doubts and fears, stimulating self love--while removing obstacles hindering personal growth.   It is said to be a very beneficial aid in relationship building, and fostering harmony in existing relationships (both personal and business).  

Unakite has been used to heal both the physical and emotional body and is said to be very helpful with circulation, the heart and lungs, metabolism, fluid balance, the reproductive system, during labour, relaxing muscles and treating addiction.

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