Prehnite has been described by many as a stone of prophecy, protection, unconditional love and healing.  Over time it has been associated with the Heart Chakra, the planet Venus, the Zodiac signs of Libra and Virgo and the Element of Earth.

This stone is said to help connect the will and the heart and assist in emotional healing after a breakup or deep loss.    Prehnite is said to bring a sense of calm and harmony to its environment.  It is often used to aid meditation to unlock higher levels of awareness.

Prehnite is considered to be a stone for healers and shamans.  It has been used to assist in finding the root cause of an illness, as well as treating issues with the heart, the kidneys, bladder, thymus, shoulders, chest, lungs, gout, blood, hypertension, connective tissue and malignancy.

It is said to also assist in alleviating nightmares, phobias and deep seated fears, hyperactivity, issues with sleep, concentration and cohesive thoughts.

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