Moonstone is a stone of feminine power.  It is associated with the Goddess.  It is the most lunar of stones and is used for anything associated with the Moon.  

The Ancient Romans thought they were solidified moon beams and carried them as talismans;  they believed it had the power to endow wealth, love and wisdom.  It was used in the middle ages to treat consumption, for divination and to reconcile lovers.  It is often referred to as the traveler's stone and is thought to protect those who work and travel by moonlight.  

It is said to absorb lunar energy and can be used to enhance psychic abilities.  Other historical uses include soothing and balancing emotions, bringing peace of mind and equilibrium to hormones and female related issues.

It has also been associated with the zodiac signs Scorpio, Cancer and Libra, The Element of Water, and the Sacral and Third Eye Chakras.

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