Dragons Bloodstone (Dragon's Blood Jasper) is a member of the quartz family (chalcedony). It is comprised forest green hues that are splashed with dark red and it is rather rare as it is only found in Western Australia.  It is said their that this stone is the remains of deceased ancient dragons – where the green is the skin and the red the blood.  It is associated with the Heart Chakra and the Astrological sign of Leo.
This stone is considered by some to encourage powerful transformation, by enhancing one’s life, providing protection, healing, balance and profit.  It is said to enhance the life force, bring courage, strength and vitality and help you achieve your goals through bringing balance and happiness to community interactions.  In healing, it has been used for both diagnosing and preventing illness, and considered to be a good stone for the nerves, bladder, spleen, stomach, kidneys, liver, bile ducts; for bronchitis, backache, cramps, colds, flu,  jaundice and Multiple Sclerosis;  for overall mineral balance and sense of smell. Through its connection with the Heart Chakra it is also said to aid in physical as well as metaphysical heart healing. It is also considered to be a good stone to aid in fasting.
Dragon’s bloodstone is said to draw money and love to the wearer, to offer protection and ground energy through the Heart Chakra.  It brings love, forgiveness, and compassion, all energies to help tame the inner dragon.

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