Indigo Gabbro, also known as a trademarked name “Mystic Merlinite” is a stone found only in Madagascar.  It is a blend of quartz, feldspar and many other trace elements.  It has been associated with the Element of Water, the Planet Neptune, the Zodiac sign of Pisces and The Third Eye Chakra.
It is said to attract magic and good luck as well as allow one to explore their subconcious in order to foster balance and equilibrium, encourage positive change and create inner peace. In this way it is considered a stone of cleansing.  As well, it has been used to reach higher realms and levels of understanding while offering protection.  
Mystic Merlinite has been used in healing for issues with the circulatory system, skeleton, physical growth, the lymphatic system, immunity, inflammation and fever, thought processes, and the symptoms of menopause.

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