india agate

Hailing from the mountainous regions in India, this agate has been associated with the Heart and Sacral Chakra, the Astrological signs of Aries, Libra, Taurus and Gemini, and the Sun.
Known as a healing and meditative aid, this agate has been used for centuries for protection, and to aid with physical and emotional strength.  It is said to create a serene and patient mood in the wearer, and to ward off misfortune and bad luck.  It is also known by some as “the stone of eternity” as it has been thought to aid in longevity and to not be concerned with aging.  It was believed to be especially helpful with eye disease, insect, spider and scorpion bites.  Mentally it was said to promote “the will to live” and bring contentment and hope to despair.  

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